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Atlantic Gin

Born from the skill of our winemaker, it produced a truly unique and special brandy, with great Atlantic influence.

ATLANTIC GIN is a Gin with Portuguese roots - a declaration of love for our region and our Atlantic and our wonderful estate. The selected botanicals, fresh and of high quality, the distillation in small batches, Atlantic characteristics given by the seaweed used. A Gin that tastes like Gin again - pure, Enjoy the Atlantic with a good tonic water, a lemon peel, lots of ice and, preferably, a sunset by the Atlantic.

Due to their great diversity, they can be linked with a myriad of products. However, to maintain its identity, we must use in the cocktail products that go into the distillation process. They give rise to extremely aromatic and medium-bodied cocktails.

42% vol.

50 cl. 

Product of Portugal

Technical Sheet

A truly unique and special Gin, with great Atlantic influence.

The slow and careful distillations in Charentais still

Our Juniper, combined with 19 other botanists from our estate and region, fresh rosemary,

and some algae are essential for the perfect balance of our GIN

The influence of the Atlantic winds clearly influences all the cultures of the Municipality.

The Botanists

The quality surpasses the quantity of the botanicals used in our maceration. That's the charm. Our Juniper, combined with 19 other botanists from our farm and region, fresh rosemary and some algae are essential for the perfect balance of our GIN.

But the ingredient that makes ATLANTICO GIN something really special is the passion with which it is produced.


Atlantic Gin is a classic London Dry style gin - our gin is made with a secret blend including 3 seaweed from our coast. The juniper flavor is able to shine when mixed with a natural tonic. With a distinct but subtle strong citrus nose. There is a “fresh sweetness” and a distinct floral and Atlantic character in the background not found in most London Dry gins. The palate is deliciously oily and thick, completely covering the tongue. At first, on the tip of the tongue, juniper hits your palate - pleasant and fresh. The middle has a beautiful build, with a saline, floral and cardamom touch. The lemon follows before adding a touch of heat, the juniper in the back of the mouth with subtle pepper and the Atlantic breeze.

It's a classic, well-rounded London-style gin.


There is a lot of history behind the gin that is consumed all over the world. Created by a Dutch doctor, its initial function was to be used for medicinal purposes, especially after the European devastation by the Black Death. So, the population believed that the drink made from juniper (composed of gin today) could be the miracle cure for the disease.

The popularity was such that many people migrated to the cities where there was greater production of alcohol, and they lived there for a long time. These populations became chaotic and without any conditions for survival. The consumption of gin became uncontrolled and reached an average of half a liter per day for each person, always with the aim of leading to the cure of diseases.


Four centuries ago, gin was initially created for medicinal purposes. Today, this drink made from the infusion of spices, delights palates with its complexity and different shades born from the distillation process. Such a technique is the soul behind the gin, where the ingredients are mixed, creating the characteristic and striking scent and flavor. The way each gin is made varies from recipe to recipe, brand to brand, some secrets may well be revealed to our customers.

Our wine base from our Quinta is subject to aromatization where "time is the composer of destiny", therefore, it is worth noting that this cold maceration process is the essential note to accentuate all the aromas and flavors of the botanicals and compose a premium gin, wave the duration is never less than the time of a moon...

Later in the still, gin production is separated into three parts: head, heart and tail. The first and last parts of the production are the “head” and “tail”, which can be reused, but do not go into the bottle of our ATLANTIC GIN. The most valuable part is the middle, the heart – which, as in so many other things, concentrates the best of the essence.

After distillation, the liquid will rest until it is time to be bottled, and this is how our trip ends, attention to detail and peculiarity are essential and responsible for the unique differentiation of our GIN from the ATLANTIC.