Old Grape Marc Spirit

Born from the skill of our winemaker, it produced a truly unique and special spirit, with great Atlantic influence.

An aged artisanal grape marc spirit, carefully crafted through the distillation of high quality grapes and later matured in wood. A sumptuous spirit that showcases exotic touches of spice surrounded by toasted wood, with a clean, sophisticated finish.

37% vol.

50 cl. 

Product of Portugal

Technical Sheet

This is truly an old grape marc spirit with a strong personality

The slow and careful distillations in Charentais still

Its origin in aromatic pomace from the varieties of our vineyard

Years of aging in the cellar's twilight in selected barrels 

Service suggestion for our Old Grape Marc spirit

Grape Marc Spirits

Originally a drink for the poorer classes, grape marcs emerged as a way to sustainably take advantage of every drop of fermentable sugar left in the precious grapes of our farm, after vinification.

For centuries, marcs have helped ease the pain of hard work and subsistence living, while also providing additional calories to overcome the cold.


Distillation is thought to have originated in the Middle East during the 8th century and that it may have reached Europe around the Middle Ages and that the Benedictine monks, by mastering related techniques, may be the first to work with distillation, for the preservation of medicinal plants.


New Grape Marc Spirit